Tuesday, June 16, 2009

stressful day

Today is quite stressful...If Ika on problems, she will hate herself and will less eating. On the other hand I ate more.
I had a full plate of rice and fried chicken
I had a packet of kuih tiram
quarter plate of rice and another fried chicken
I have meeting and extra class today
I indulged myself in a plateful of rice and sardin goreng.
I did consume 1000ml of plain water today.
And felt like having fever...
maybe becoz of too many toxin in my body..
Thanks to Kaseh and all my TBL rivals...
If not becoz of this games
I would still be 'terhoyong hayang'
Mood - extremely sad....and tired...and stress...


Cik_Nomi said...

relax bebeh..

sy paham.. sy pun tension g membaham gak.. heran tul, orang yang tension takde selera nak makan

Missy_Reen said...

Huhuhu...camtu la bile in school.. I used to eat a lot..paling haru sekali nak tido pun boleh membaham nasi especially in Kelantan ni of course la nasi 24 hours huhuhu...and that is why I manage to gain almost 50 kg after 8 years working... nowadays I change my method from membaham nasi kepada membaham biscuit jacobs (cause makan sekeping pun dah kenyang)... or lots of fruits (mostly apples)or just plainly drink some water..luckily.. it works

Mia-Ina said...

pd akak regina & kak reen,

sabar ye, mia pun wp cikgu sentiasa pastikan diri kuat smgt..kdg2 nk baham nasi tu 1 pinggan gak..Tp,kerana mia nk buktikan pd semua guru2 kat mia ckp ...sebikin dgn pe yg mia nak...mia kena wat...mari kuatkan mknn snack +an & air msk kak....tetap smgt....workout jgn x wat jk makan byk..ingat workout mesti rs stress hlg sikit...